Juuichi (拾壱, Juuichi?) is one of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Sites in Mahou Shoujo Site.


She has short, bobbed, blond hair. Her face is a skull, and she wears a school swimming suit. Her original human form is that of a teenage girl with long blonde hair and a mole on the right side of her chin.


She first appears during the meeting of Site Administrators. She falls asleep and is waken up by Juu. She's later sent to assassinate Asahi's family. As she is about to kill Asahi's mother and sisters by compressing them, Asahi steps in and saves them, running away from the confrontation. She's later seen alongside the other Administrators in presence of the King. and later helped/assisted in killing the remaining Magical Girls in the Tokyo Area before confronting Aya Asagiri's final group of magical girls along with the remaining Site Admins (Minus Ichi) where they proceeded to battle them. After Ni kicks Aya's Gun Stick out of her hands with Kyu's head, Juuichi uses her telekinesis to draw the Stick towards her. Sarina uses her Yo-yo stick to reach the Gun alongside Aya, then traps all three of them inside the Mechanical Pencil 's barrier. Aya then uses her Stick to separate Juuichi form her body, killing her.



She is able to create a poltergeist phenomenon within areas as big as a room, she can thus then forcibly compact everything within that room into a ball crushing them.


In Chapter 123, she showed the power to attract singular objects toward her by holding her hands up in the air as seen when she was trying to draw Aya's stick towards her.


  • Her name "Juuichi" translates to the number "eleven".
  • Her face/mask is based on the Grim Reaper.
  • In Chapter 123, thanks to Aya Asagiri stick, like Juuhachi, the true body of the magical girl is revealed.
    • However, from Juuroku's remarks, there is still might be the possibility that the magical girls who are turned back into a human from Admins are still alive.


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