Ichi (, Ichi?) is the Administrators's leader of the Magical Girl Sites in Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

Ichi is shown to have a white complexion but has no eyes, nose and hair. However, he has a small but fine mouth and fine-shaped ears. He is seen wearing a military uniform and possibly white gloves.

Personality Edit

Ichi is a very serious and careful person with his work. He seem to have a strange relationship with Nana, who calls him "mangy".

Abilities Edit

Out of all the administrators, Ichi is presumably the most powerful admin. He has 100 abilities, which are shown below and only seen in the manga.

Fast Movements Edit

He can move quickly without being noticed, and takes his opponents by surprise.

Pure Energy Edit

He can create a sword made out of pure light that can create a tornado/vortex like effect that can forcibly attract everything within a certain vicinity of the blade and slice up anything that is dragged into it.

Interrupt Edit

He holds the ability to interrupt and stop any attempt to disrupt the normal time flow. For example, he used that power to destroy Alice Misumi's stick ability when Aya Asagiri was trying to go back into time to save Sayuki Ringa after Sayuki was killed by Go.

Trivia Edit

  • His name "Ichi" means "One".
  • Ichi's face/mask is probably based on the famously known "Slender Man" considering they are both tall, slender, pale, and have no face.
  • Ichi's seiyu also voices Keisuke Naoto.
  • Since Ichi is "one", it is guessed that he is the first admin to appear. So maybe they got their stick from "The King" herself. It is also possible that his origin are different from the other Administrators.
  • Like the rest of the admins, Ichi is a former Magical Girl. But when Nana spoke with the other Administrators, she uses he/him pronouns implying that they are most likely a male.
  • In Chapter 100, it is said that Ichi possesses over a 100 abilities and powers, counting the two powers revealed he still has over 97 powers unrevealed.

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