i☆Ris is a Japanese idol group formed in 2012 which consists of six young female idols.

Musical Career

They are under Avex Entertainment. They are a group of singers and seiyuus who recently won the 10th Seiyuu Awards for the Best Musical Performance. Each of them plays a voice acting and singing role for the anime, PriPara. They debuted in the J-Pop industry with their song, Color. In Mahou Shoujo Site, i☆Ris is in charge of the opening sequence of the anime with their song, Changing point.

Contribution to Mahou Shoujo Site

Opening Sequence Performance

Performs Changing point which features as the opening to the anime.

Voice Roles

Himika Akaneya

Voices Tsuyuno Yatsumura in the anime adaption. Also sings Tsuyuno’s character song, believe again.

Yu Serizawa

Voices Nijimi Anazawa in the anime adaption. Also performs Nijimi’s character song, ...Just Look at Me ♡.

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