Mahou Shoujo Site Wiki
Mahou Shoujo Site Wiki

Mahou Shoujo Site Wiki is one of many wikis on the internet; as such, it is easily editable.

If you feel like to collaborate with the wiki, here are a few tips and recommendations to consider:

  • Finds and corrects grammar-spelling errors: Gram-spelling errors, whether easy or not, are detectable; Fix this kind of errors and account to help the wiki!.
  • Create and improve pages: The better they are arranged and the more pages the wiki has, the more information about Mahou Shoujo Site Wiki will be easily accessible, help us make the site better and better! However, do not create an article just because, if you do not believe that you will continue to edit it and, therefore, leave it with very little or no information, as it will end up becoming an outline and giving more maintenance load to the wiki.
  • Undo vandalism: In the wikis can appear, vandals who devote themselves to violate and ruin certain pages, however, it does not ruin everything, because you can recover the previous edition to the attack from the history. Do not forget to also notify an administrator to take action on the matter.
  • If you have doubts about the veracity of the information you have, not the colors directly, you can always use the discussion of the related article or create a thread in the forum.
  • If you find repeated articles, inform an administrator and try to complement them.
  • Be respectful of other users, even if they have different points of view; if

something changed and you do not agree with it, comment respectfully to the person who made the modification, maybe he was wrong, or maybe you are wrong; In any case, a moderator may intervene to see that the question arises in tone.