Handbell (ハンドベル) is a stick in the possession of Isoko Anjou in Mahou Shoujo Site Sept and Mahou Shoujo Site.


This Stick seems to be the favorite stick used by Isoko Anjou being her most used stick so far in the series.


A normal looking handbell with angel wings on top on both sides of the bell and the proportional symbol in the middle.



This stick allows the user to create a portal to teleport through space-time to their chosen location, the range to which he can teleport does not seem to have any limits, as Isoko Anjou has created a portal to transport Nana to safety despite that Anjou is technically not in the same place as her and again when she teleports to Hyoka Nagatsuki's body while also transporting herself to the Administrators meeting room in microscopic size and then using the same Stick to escape the camera of the King and the administrators meeting room too.


The handbell makes waves so strong that they are capable of destroying almost anything the wielder desires.


  • It was one of the sticks that Misumi had in the basement, but after that it was used by Anjou again and it was used to save Nana, who was close to being killed by Ichi in Chapter 107.
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