Hachi (, Hachi?) is one of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Sites in Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

Hachi has a feminine appearance. She has long, black hair that is tied at the end and a white complexion. She has two dots on her forehead and cheeks and has semi-closed eyes, similar to Chinese makeup. She wears a simple white kimono. Her true appearance is a girl with a light skin complexion and messy, short brown hair.

Personality Edit

There's hardly any information regarding her personality at the moment. Presumably, she acts motherly, but can be cruel at the same time. Like the other Administrators, Hachi has a lack of empathy, seeing as how they tried killing Kosame Amagai, Kiyoharu Suirenji, and Asahi Takiguchi.

Abilities Edit

Great Swordmanship Edit

Hachi uses a katana that is similar to how Sayuki Ringa uses her Stick.

Multiplication Edit

Hachi can create infinite copies of herself in an instant. Her clones possess the same powers and strengths she has, indicating that they can also copy themselves as well as making her a instant army of clones.

Sticks Given Edit

Here you can see a list of the sticks that Hachi has given to unfortunate girls, throughout the series:

Magical Girl Stick Emblem Ability
Kosame Amagai Cutter The letter Q Healing
Sayuki Ringa Katana The letter X Distant cuts and hardening
Mikari Izumigamine Broomstick The letter V Flight
Kiyoharu Suirenji Ring The letter S Telepathy
Asahi Takiguchi Necklace The letter H Enhanced physical abilities

Trivia Edit

  • "Hachi" translates to "Eight".
  • Hachi is the second admin to be seen in the Mahou Shoujo Site anime and manga. The first admin that is seen in the anime and manga is Nana.
  • Hachi's face/mask is based on the Okame, a Japanese woman who is always seen smiling and brings good fortune to any man she marries.

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