Go (, Go?) is one of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Sites in Mahou Shoujo Site.


Go has a geisha haircut, a Chinese hair brooch with a rose crown that has gold tassels hanging from the right and a mole on the bottom left of her lips. She is seen wearing a Japanese gym uniform but wears no shoes.

Her true appearance is currently unknown.


Go was shown to be arrogant, mocking and cruel in battle, she's also shown to be intelligent enough to be able to see right past Sayuki Ringa lies and bluffs, and deduced that she did not anticipate her attack, but instead knew that it going to happen thanks to the Rewind Stick instead, she was shown to constantly mock and insult Sayuki through the course of their fight, constantly telling her to just give up and let her blade devour her instead, further showing her arrogant and prideful belief that she can't be defeated by her. She's also shown to be sadistic as she proclaimed that after she kills Sayuki she will go and kill her Mother first in prison, then proceed to hunt down and kill her Father and their Loyal Followers next.

Despite her elegant appearance, Go is often seen doing disgusting habits like picking her ears and nose with her finger, which she then puts into her mouth.


Go is first seen during the meeting of Site Administrators where she is later sent to assassinate Sayuki Ringa at her home. The fight ends with a mutual kill as Go kills Sayuki by shooting a beam at her, at the same time Sayuki uses her Stick to petrify her. Genyo Ringa then shows up and severs Go's head with a sword.

Her original human form is not seen, presumably due to the petrification.


Great Flexibility

Go has great flexibility as she can bend at a perfect 90° angle with no complication instantly to avoid Sayuki Ringa's distant cut magic surprise attack.


Ripping Blade

Through Go's mouth, she can attack by shooting blades projectiles. When Demon Blade Kuimaru was destroyed, she attacked Sayuki Ringa with these blade projectiles by slicing off her left eye and cutting off her left arm.

Summoning Demon Blade Kuimaru

Go owns a dangerous demon blade that is surrounded by Venus flytrap-like tentacles and she can summon the blade by pulling it out of her mouth. This blade is so dangerous that it is capable of delivering a double pincer attack where Go slashes and cuts with the blade while the tentacles attack in multiple directions as they bite off the flesh of her opponent.


  • Her name "Go" means "Five".
  • Her face/mask, hairstyle and hair accessories is based on Geisha, traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses.


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