Flip Phone (携帯電話) is the stick of Alice Misumi in Mahou Shoujo Site.


The flip phone is a very useful stick because of its ability to rewind time to fix mistakes, commonly used for emergencies. It was given to Alice Misumi because she had a very unfortunate life. Alice obtained this Stick some time after her little sister Louise Misumi disappearance.


it takes the appearance of a normal flip phone, but with the exception of bone wings sprouting from the top of it, as well as a the roman numeral "Ⅳ" symbol on it.



It has the ability to rewind time by 1 minute, despite the little time it can rewind,this Stick has the advantage of only allowing its user to be aware of what happened prior to its activation, giving its user as many redo's as needed. Alice's Stick was given to her by Ni.

As of Chapter 92, the user can now rewind a few minutes back instead of one minute.


  • Kayo Komura and Alice Misumi have saved many magical girls using this stick.
  • All sticks that take form of a phone, this and the Smartphone, have abilities related to time.
  • This can actually save the lifespan of a magical girl by rewinding and be in the time when there is still some lifespan left.
  • In Chapter 100, however, the power of the stick was invalidated by Ichi, who has the ability to destroy the any attempt of altering/rewinding time rendering the Stick useless.
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