Emblems (紋章, Monshō?) are a unique feature of Magic Wands users in Mahou Shoujo Site and Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.

Description Edit

Once a stick is used, a symbol appears somewhere on the body of the user as a tattoo, depending on who's jurisdiction they are under, such as: left arm, neck, and under the collar bone, the back the right hand etc. When using a stick, the eye will form the symbol you have and split in the middle of the pupil and iris. As a stick is used, its symbol will slowly fade away.

Known users Edit

Magical girl Emblem
A The angstrom sign Å
Aya Asagiri Heart ♥
Alice Misumi Roman numeral Ⅳ
Asahi Takiguchi The letter H
Hiroko Shimozono The asterisk sign ✽
Isoko Anjou Proportional symbol ∝
Slash symbol /
Kayo Komura Sun ☀️
Kichiro Misumi Symbol Command mark ⌘
Partial differential ∂
Square root √
Deadline 〆
Japanese postal mark 〒
Kiyoharu Suirenji The letter S
Kosame Amagai The letter Q
Louise Misumi Roman numeral Ⅸ
Mikado Ikemata Symbol Minus -
Mikari Izumigamine The letter V
Nanoka The sign of Cancer ♋
Nijimi Anazawa
Kaname Asagiri
Jirou Asagiri
Spade ♠️
Reiko Maguchi The sign of Scorpio ♏
Rina Shioi Diamond ♦️
Sakura Sakaki The Greek letter sigma Σ
Sarina Shizukume The Greek letter phi Φ
Sayuki Ringa The letter X
Touko Arareya The infinity sign ∞
Tsurara Takahashi
Hyoka Nagatsuki
The sign of Libra ♎
Tsuyuno Yatsumura Crescent moon ☾
Unknown's Triangle △
Unknown's Operator symbol ⨂
Unknown's Roman numeral Ⅱ
Unknown's Treble clef
Unknown's Exclamation mark !
Unknown's Degrees ℃
Unknown's Both sided arrow ⇔
Unknown's Circle ◯
Unknown's Female gender symbol ♀
Unknown's Asterism sign ⁂
Unknown's Division symbol ÷
Unknown's Cents symbol ¢
Yu Sazanami Star ☆
Yuka Sumikura Roman numeral XIII

Consequences Edit

When having a prolonged use of a magic wand, the appeared mark on the users body will start to fade and have consequences on the body. the acceleration of old age in the internal organs, deterioration, blood loss from a specific area. When your symbol completely fades, the user will die and can become an admin. Depending on the stick and use of it, it fades faster than others. As seen with the smartphone stick that stops time, Tsuyuno Yatsumura's symbol faded faster than all the others.

Gallery Edit

Here you can see some collage about the emblems shown in the anime:

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