Electric Drill (電動ドリル) is the stick of Hyoka Nagatsuki and Tsurara Takahashi in Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.


The stick was given to Tsurara Takahashi but her best friend Hyoka Nagatsuki was the one who made most use of it, in order to help her best friend,Hyoka mainly used the stick to threaten/rob people in order to get money to pay for her friends Abortion.


The appearance of it is like a normal electric drill but colored yellow and silver with a Libra sign on it. It also has metal wings on the top.


Laser Beam Twister

Unlike a normal electric drill that spins and drills thing, this is different. The user needs to press the trigger for the laser to be there, the laser twists objects/humans before making them explode. The sign of Libra appears on the back of the palm of the user, blood flows from their genitalia when using it.


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