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Let's study! (レッツ スタディ!, Rettsu Sutadi!?) is the ENTER 39 published in the Weekly Shōnen Champion [1], being the chapter 94 of the manga of Mahou Shoujo Site written and illustrated by Kentaro Sato and published by Akita Shoten.


Juuni complains that he can't move and struggles to do so. Mrs. Asagiri asks about what is going on. Kaname is shocked and doubts that Mr. Asagiri is wearing the Panties stick. Kaname asks himself why would his father wear it and that he told his mom to hide them, so why would he wear and know about its powers.

Mr. Asagiri demands to know Juuni who she is and Juuni is forced to answer, then Juuni asks herself why is she following his orders. Juuni then realizes that the ability Mr. Asagiri is using is the power of Nijimi Anazawa's stick.

Mr. Asagiri says Mahou Shoujo Site and tells Kaname that he thinks he was acting suspicious about getting abducted and his obsession with the panties. He tells Kaname that he was confused at first but he found them in his room and 'took the liberty' by putting them on. He said he had no idea about it but he realizes that there must be something for a thing like it to exist, he tells Kaname that none of it matters now and that this is a huge distraction to his studies.

Mr. Asagiri commands Juuni to get out his home which Juuni did making Mrs. Asagiri and Kaname worried. After that, Mr. Asagiri commands Kaname to go to his desk and study. Mrs. Asagiri is seen outside his room, worried and saying his name.

At an apartment, in room 404 where Mrs. Suirenji and Kiyoharu Suirenji resides, Mrs. Suirenji is seen washing plates. Then a pink-colored heart-shaped smoke is seen, making Mrs. Suirenji react. Kiyoharu is seen where the smoke was, Mrs. Suirenji was about to ask where she has been or where she came from but Kiyoharu cuts her off and tells her that they need to get out of here now.

Kyu goes to the apartment in a form of a shadow and is surprised when she finds that no one is there.

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