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Afterwards (アフターワーズ, Afutā wāzu ?) is the ENTER 24 published in the Weekly Shōnen Champion, being the chapter 79 of the manga of Mahou Shoujo Site written and illustrated by Kentaro Sato and published by Akita Shoten.


After Kayo Komura and Sakura Sakaki chose their own death, Rina Shioi who became "Magical Girl Hunter" hit Magical Girls one after another and collected sticks. And it will flow for several months, accidents and incidents involving Magical Girl Site and Stick will occur frequently in various places.

The first case was a railway crossing accident happening around 17 o'clock in the evening on July 10, two junior high school students were hit by a train and killed accident. However, the witnesses testified. "No, It's True! They Just Appeared on the rail out of nowhere!" "And then ... after that ... the train came and it went BAM! Like that!".

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