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Cult of the New World It is a secret organization present in Mahou Shoujo Site.


It is a secret organization/sect that aims to stop the imminent destruction of humanity, due to its previous knowledge about what happened in the past, a catastrophic event that led to the humans of that time to extinction.

Thanks to the warnings they had found they did everything possible to avoid the same mistakes as their predecessors, but among its members were some who had a thirst for power and great selfishness that led to destabilize the cult, these rebel members shortly after they were discovered and executed to prevent some misfortune, this event led all members of the cult to pass the task of preventing a new catastrophe to an artificial intelligence that they called Ai, artificial intelligence, was able to perform multiple mathematical calculations that made it prevents different acts that humans committed to preventing their destruction, but a doubt arose in artificial intelligence, humans were weak, volatile to their own feelings, this after a while led to the conclusion that humans are the problem of the backwardness of the planet, therefore I execute all humans based on their own war technologies as are nuclear and atomic bombs. After this new extinction and the appearance of the entity of the earth, no more was known about this cult.


  • The name Cult of the New World is not an official name. This name was chosen to create this article referring to that secret sect.
  • In Mahou Shoujo of the End [1], there is a sect that also aimed to prevent the end of humanity. This is the first time that in Mahou Shoujo Site, mention is made of a sect that had a purpose similar to that of the other series, on the one hand the Exorcists [2] had as their objective to prevent the rebirth of the Demon and to hide all information about witches [3] and magical girls, while the cult of the new world was aimed at preventing the extinction of the human race.
  • There is no information on whether the sect is still active.


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