Compact Mirror (コンパクトミラー) is the stick of Kayo Komura in Mahou Shoujo Site.


The compact mirror is a stick that can copy up to 10 abilities of ten different magical girls. When copying another ability while it already has 10 abilities, one of the 10 abilities will be removed.


It is a light pink-colored stick with 10 buttons inside and a yellow sun. It has angel wings on the top left and right side. When transforming into a Copied Stick it becomes an exact duplicate of the Stick, with the only difference being that instead of the Original Emblem being printed on the stick, the compact mirrors' own Emblem (a sun) replaces it.



Its ability is rare; it is one of the only few Sticks that can change form. Its ability is the power to copy up to 10 abilities of 10 different magical girl's Sticks, making it one of the most versatile Sticks in the series, However, the only weakness is that the copied abilities can only be used once.

Below, is a detailed list with all the information known so far of the sticks copied:

Magical Girl Emblem Stick Ability
Sakura Sakaki The Greek letter sigma Σ Video Game Controller Shockwave
Aya Asagiri Heart ♥️ Gun Teleportation
Nijimi Anazawa Spade ♠ Panties Mind Control
Unknown Circle ○ Water Gun Petrification
Unknown Degree ℃ Drum Thermal Change
Unknown The letter J Lamp Storage
Unknown The letter Z Unknown Unknown
Asahi Takiguchi The letter H Necklace Enhanced physical abilities
Unknown Female gender symbol ♀ Tie Gender Conversion
Sayuki Ringa The letter X Katana Distant cuts and hardening

Here is the list of the Sticks that Kayo had already copied and used in the series so far:

Magical Girl Emblem Stick Ability
Unknown Exclamation mark ! Syringe 3 Minute Amnesia
Unknown Asterism sign ⁂ Pinwheel Wind Currents Creation
Unknown Both sided arrow ⇔ Dice Replication
Kosame Amagai The letter Q Box Cutter Healing
Alice Misumi Roman numeral Ⅳ Flip Phone Rewind
Touko Arareya The infinity sign ∞ Conductor's Baton Explosion
Hiroko Shimozono The asterisk sign ✽ Remote Controller Causing Diseases
Rina Shioi Diamond ♦ Hammer Break Surface


  • The ability is based on a real-life mirror where the mirror reflects the object in front of the mirror. In this case, it copies.
  • The ten rays of the sun represent each copied ability, So far only the Sticks given by Nana, Hachi, and Ni have been copied so far.
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