Camera (カメラ) is the stick of an unnamed magical girl in Mahou Shoujo Site.


A useful stick if you desire to change and say goodbye to your old appearance and saying hello to the new one. This can also be used as a deceiving stick that can take target/s of the user to kill/injure without the target/s noticing.


It's like a normal camera colored black, brown, and gray but with the triangle shape and it has angel wings on the top.



It has the ability to change the appearance of the user of someone they photographed.


  • How to revert to the original appearance is not clear.
  • The original owner appeared in Chapter 78 but was killed by Rina Shioi and robbed of Stick.
    • The original owner has a ponytail hairstyle and covers the right half of the face with gauze.
    • In Manga it has been lost with Hammer and other sticks, but in Anime Sarina was collecting sticks together with Rina's backpack, so there is a possibility that Rina may possess it again with Lighter and Roomba.
  • It is unknown if things other than humans can the camera be used on, such as administrators, animals, etc.
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