The multiple Aya Asagiri's brought together by the Original Incarnation due to constantly altering the timeline of events leading up to the Tempest.


The group was created by the Original Aya Asagiri when she began using her newly unlocked power to travel through time,during her first trip back during the planets destruction Aya managed to send her consciousness to her past self and much like the original timeline received her Gun Stick soon after,she then managed to teleport her self again to the past,but this time successfully transporting both her mind and body,where she then approached her past self once again,explained her plight and convinced her to help in her quest,she then proceeded to teach her past self on how to share lifespan and increased her own to once again make another trip to the past and repeated the process all over gain and continued to do so for 40 more times,However due to Aya's constant meddling and altering of time,the Sticks she received began to deviate from her Original Gun Stick and instead began receiving various others,but this only served to further broaden and strengthen their overall military power and eventually by the 100th repeat of the timeline,Aya was now confident that with their number and diversity of sticks could now take on the King and defeat her.


  1. Aya's prime reason for amassing such a large army with a wide diverse amount of sticks was for the sole sake of obtaining enough manpower to directly challenge the King and The Site Admins on her own without involving any of her friends and risking their Lives.
  2. Aya's second goal in traveling back in time was in order to undo all the pain and misfortune that had happened to them in order to insure that they never become magical girls and become involved with the Tempest.
  3. Later,Aya realized that during the last few second before the planet exploded,Kaname had used the power of the Panties stick to give her one last order,to find a way to save the planet and also obtain her own happiness in the process,forcing Aya to change her plans once again.

In order to save the world and fulfill the command,Aya began to once more travel through time and repeating the process of recruiting herself in order to specifically get her hands on the Stick that can stop time,with her new plan being to repair the planet in the original timeline in order to once again to be reunited with Tsuyuno Yatsumura,and thus satisfy the order, in order to accomplish this there where two objectives that needed to be meet:

  1. Aya had to obtain the Smartphone Stick in order to freeze time in the doomed planet of her original timeline.
  2. Aya needed to recruit a being with the necessary power and ability restore the planet.
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