Asahi Takiguchi (滝口 あさひ, Takiguchi Asahi?) is a main character in Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

Asahi is a pale-skinned girl with orange, her complexion is white; her dress varies throughout the series, being the most routine, her school uniform, swimsuit and casual clothes. Her most common dress is her school uniform, which consist of a tie, a white short sleeved shirt, a skirt and black shoes.

When using her stick, the tips of her hair changes to hot pink.

Personality Edit

Asahi is a calm, observant, analyst girl who is proud of herself. She is seen to be fearless and straight to point where she asked Hachi "If I take that mask off, will you die?". Her stick's power might be the reason for her fearlessness.

History Edit

For now, nothing is known about her history. Though, it might have something to do with men, seeing as how she is always approached by them in public.

Ability Edit

Enhanced Physical Abilities Edit

Asahi's physical abilities are enhanced very much, such as eye sight, speed and strength. It is unknown if her other physical abilities are enhanced too. When using her stick, her emblem is the letter H. Her necklace was given to her by Hachi.

In Chapter 88, it was shown after running continuously in different directions, there is some sort of lightning and light where ever she ran due to how fast she was.

Trivia Edit

  • Asahi likes Shibuya but hates Mondays.
  • Her hobbies includes tennis, nail art, shopping, karaoke, and watching professional wrestling.
  • Asahi means "sunrise" while Takiguchi means "waterfall".
  • In Site Episode 7, she told the girls thanks to her stick that she isn't late in class anymore. This might conclude that she uses it everyday, even though it costs her life span.
  • From an extra, she seems to watch pornography/sensitive contents from her phone for leisure (noted by Kiyoharu Suirenji as she checked on the girls using her telepathy magic).
  • The mothers of Sarina and Rina, Kiyoharu and Asahi have appeared, but their fathers have not appeared, perhaps they may be mothers' families.
  • Her birthday is on September 28th.

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