Planets Altar (地球の宮, Hoshi no miya?), also known as The Altar, is a vital piece in the King's Plot for the Tempest.

Role In The Tempest

The Altar of the Tempest was raised by the King during the Tempest,Once raised the King will begin the Fertilization of Mankind where she will begin collecting all of humanity by turning them into sperm in the top of the Altar where she will begin attracting and absorbing them all into her "Womb", where she will begin to remove all of the Negative Energy (emotion) possessed by Humanity and begin remaking them with only Positive Energy.Later it was revealed that the "Altar" is the very core of the Planet Earth, and that the true objective of the King is to take all of Humanity with her and Abandon the planet altogether and start fresh, this however  will completely anihhilate the Earth as a result.



Later in Chapter 131 it was revealed that the Altar itself is the Base where the Admins and the King, resided while preparing and planning for the Tempest, as seen  and revealed when Kayo Komura and her group entered the Altar and found both the Site Administrators Meeting Room and the King‘s Private Chamber, further revealing that they're where more doors inside.


The exterior of the Altar looks like a giant mountain of flesh, with Hand like tentacles protruding out of them and a shining star like light in the Top(The King).

Powers and Abilities

It has been shown in Chapter 127 that the Altar is essentially a fortress, being capable of reacting and defending itself when attacked and seems to serve the purpose of defending The King during Tempest as she collects and turns all of humanity into sperm at the top of the Altar.


The Altar's weapon in offense & defense is its ability to attack its opponents by using the Massive hand like tentacles sticking out of its body to crush its opponents,these tentacles seem to only be a defense mechanism as it didn't attack the Magical Girls as they got closer to it and only retaliated when they began to attack it first.


The Altar also displayed the Power to Regenerate from any damage done to it, as Sakura Sakaki , Isoko Anjou, Kosame Amagai and Alice Misumi have all used Destructively powerful Sticks to attempt to destroy it, with the Altar having survived and healed itself despite being Bombarded, Torn to Shreds, Having it's Power reflected on itself and being Pounded by a Shockwave, With Anjou noting that thanks to this ability the Altar can continuously heal and replace any destroyed Tentacle, due to this the it had been called "Endless".


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