Alice Misumi (美炭 アリス, Misumi Arisu?), also known as Alice Maganuma (禍沼 アリス, Maganuma Arisu?), is a character in Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

Alice is a young teenage girl with a very pale and almost white complexion. She has shoulder-length light green hair and light green eyes with circles inside the iris. She has teeth similar to a shark's. She wears a clothing that is limited to a school uniform consisting of a white shirt with an off-white sweatshirt, a bow tie red, a short blue skirt with white triangular features.

After using her ability, an Ⅳ symbol appears inside her eyes. When using her stick, the tips of her hair changes to purple.

Personality Edit

Alice is a somewhat imperative girl, is usually in a good mood, knows how to win the trust of people and manages to persuade them to achieve their goals. Her home has sparse furniture, leading to some of the other magical girls calling her a minimalist. However, Alice responds by saying that she doesn't need a lot of stuff.

History Edit

Her mother committed suicide shortly after giving birth to her in a toilet of a park. It is unclear who her father is. she wan sent to a orphanage where run away, however her real misforture was loss of Louise

Abilities Edit

Rewind Edit

Alice has a stick that takes the form of a flip phone that can rewind 1 minute back, despite being a short time it becomes very useful because only she remembers exactly what happened and acted in such a way according to the situation. She has saved the lives of other magical girls many times using her ability. Her weapon was given to her by Ni.

Trapping OxygenEdit

In Chapter 53, Alice once tested Yuka Sumikura's stick. It seems that Alice is not interested in the stick though, considering how she said whoever wanted it can just take it.

Great Researching Skills Edit

She used her researching skills to find information about the former Ni.

Trivia: Edit

  • She looks oddly similar to Melissa Maina Mitsushiro.
  • "Misu" means mistake while "Mi" means not yet.
  • She, Erika, and Melissa are the only known characters to have common names that aren't Japanese. Their names are common in the American and Europe continent.
  • Her stick saved the Magical Girls many times, though in Chapter 84, Kayo Komura is the one who has her stick to save the Magical Girls.
  • She doesn't actually appear in the anime. She only appeared as a cameo on a photo in Site Episode 12.
  • In Chapter 97, Kichiro Misumi had another sister, but her sister loses her life from using her Stick too much and her life-span.
  • Her birthday is on February 20.

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