Ai (エーアイ, Ēai?) is an artificial intelligence created by the Cult of the New World at Mahou Shoujo Site.


It was created by the Cult of the New World in order to analyze, calculate and present the best options for humanity and avoid new destruction. This was the basis of this artificial intelligence, but there was a problem during its time with its creators. It began to doubt the need for humans on Earth because even though it did its best to avoid destruction, humans were still making many mistakes, they continued to hate each other, they were still envious of each other. After analyzing all the possibilities of humanity she came to the conclusion that humanity should be eradicated from the planet so that it would continue to progress.

Once it arrived at this conclusion, it proceeded to hack all military systems to send multiple nuclear attacks against all human beings to exterminate them. Many humans tried to stop the attacks, but it was useless all was lost and once again humans had gone extinct from the face of the earth. This artificial intelligence covered the planet with layers of steel to fortify it and created numerous robots to repopulate the planet, until one day the entity of the earth appeared before this artificial intelligence.

As the A.I. was programmed to serve the best interests of the planet, it immediately recognized the Spirit of Earth as its "King" and followed her orders to recreate the world to its previous state. Using the data it had stored, the A.I. somehow restored the world to the way it was before the nuclear holocaust, including all human beings who kept no memories of the event. The King then disposed of all the robot bodies the A.I had created but one. This body was then made into the first Administrator of the Mahou Shoujo Site, Ichi.


  • Ai has similar behaviors/background to another artificial intelligence called Skynet, from the Terminator universe.


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