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The Administrators (管理人, Kanri-nin?) are beings that exist in Mahou Shoujo Site and Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.

Description Edit

The Administrators give access to the unfortunate girls to magic objects called magic sticter will turn them into Magical Girls in order to make them fight before the Tempest.

They are spread out in different areas in order to recruit as many unlucky girls as they can before the start of the Tempest.

Although the method or purpose is unknown, the Administrators are actually transformed Magical Girls. When a Magical Girl dies as a result of depleting her lifespan via Stick, her body dissapears along with the Stick that caused her death, and she is reborn as an Administrator bearing the same powers as that Stick. For some reason, certain Administrators like Ichi and Go have more than one ability. New Administrators can take on the appeareance of a previously killed Administrator.

In Mahou Shoujo Site, they are the main antagonists, forming a council where they discuss various issues that may affect the start of the Tempest. The council consists of a total of 18 active members (whose names are homophones with numbers in Japanese).

Their appeareances are diverse, although they are all monochrome humanoids either wearing masks or having a face that only shows one expression. Their masks tend to have a theme of ancient Japan. According to Alice Maganuma, their skin is covered in iron sand. When a part of their bodies is sliced off, it can be seen that their bodies are hollow. Once they are killed they return to their original human forms, although their bodies remain hollow, having no blood, bones or internal organs.

Council members Edit

See here to see council members

Jurisdiction Zone Edit

The administrators of the websites of Magical Girls have a specific area, in which they must distribute the magic wand to the unfortunate girls, here a list of the characteristics of the canes that they distribute in their zones:

Administrator Magical Girls Emblem Decor of the magic stick Emblem appearance Destination of


Ichi Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ni Alice Maganuma

Yuka Sumikura

Louise Misumi

Roman numerals Bone wings Left clavicle Hachiōji


San Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Shi Unknown Hiragana Butterfly wings Unknown Unknown
Go Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Roku Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Nana Aya Asagiri

Tsuyuno Yatsumura

Rina Shioi

Nijimi Anazawa

Sarina Shizukume

Mikado Ikemata

Yu Sazanami

Kayo Komura

Sakura Sakaki

Hiroko Shimozono


Random symbols

Greek letters

Angel wings Left wrist Musashino (Tokyo)

Mitaka (Tokyo)


Tokyo City

Hachi Kosame Amagai

Sayuki Ringa

Mikari Izumigamine

Kiyoharu Suirenji

Asahi Takiguchi

Letters Devil wings Right scruff of the neck Nerima (Tokyo)

Suginami (Tokyo)

Nakano (Tokyo)

Kyu Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Juu Unknown Treble clef Angel wings Unknown Setagaya (Tokyo)

Meguro (Tokyo)

Juuichi Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Juuni Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Juusan Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Juushi Unknown Unknown Bone wings Unknown Shinagawa (Tokyo)

Ōta (Tokyo)

Juugo Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Juuroku Tsurara Takahashi

Hyoka Nagatsuki


Zodiac signs Metal wings Back of the hand Minato
Juushichi Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Juuhachi Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
  • It should be clarified that A is not an administrator, but fulfills the same function which is to deliver stick, although her method of distribution is different from the official administrators.
Other Magical Girls Emblem Decor of the magic wand Emblem appearance Destination of


A Toko Arareya

Tatsumi Karasuma

Ryuto Saibara

Tsubasa Hisamatsu

Anagram Å

Random symbols

Angel wings Left wrist Unknown

Trivia: Edit

  • The admins know they were Magical Girls before but do not know their former identities. Besides most of them have more than one ability like Go, Juushi, Juugo and Ichi.
  • The abilities of Sticks can be used on them.
  • It should be noted that the admins are gender neutral. They used to be female, but after they became an administrator, they don't officially qualify as a female. An example of this is when Nana referred to Ichi with he/him pronouns.
  • In the manga, the administrators Juu, San, Juuichi, and Ichi are referred to with male pronouns, such as "he" and "him".
  • It seems like that each administrator has their own formats. For example, Nana appears in laptops and Hachi appears in tablets.
  • In Chapter 82, Juuroku was ordered to assassinate the family and friends of the magical girls rebellious with Ni revived, so that other administrators such as Kyu and Juuni will start to assassinate the magical girl's friends and families.
  • It is shown that they can travel through screens, such as when Kyu traveled through the TV when he was sent to kill Mrs. Suirenji. This may be how they come undetected to a destination when delivering sticks to unfortunate girls. According to Kayo Komura, they are also able to eavesdrop via any electronic device.
  • Only Magical Girls chosen by the Site can become Administrators. This was confirmed by an experiment performed by Kichiro Misumi in which a convict was made to use a Stick until his lifespan was depleted, but nothing happened to his body.

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