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• 12/9/2018

Hello !

Hi ! For the cummunity francophone of Mahou Shoujo Site :

I created a french Wiki Mahou Shoujo Site !

Come help me to devlop it !

Thanks to the Mahou Shoujo Site Wiki Anglophone.

I pulled the presantation of the pages.

For now my Wiki is not very developed, and alone, it may be hard !


Sorry for the ad ! I hope you enjoy contributing to my Wiki ! :)

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• 7/17/2018


You have a great page but how do you know so much about the characters?
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• 6/30/2018

Where Are You!?

Damn it resurrection stick, where are you?
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• 6/30/2018

Notice for the community.

This weekend, they will review all the images uploaded to the wiki, possibly several images will be deleted and others will change their name, but they will be kept on the wiki.
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• 6/29/2018

Chapter 55

Did kaname die after being shot?
Or he escaped?
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• 6/23/2018

Stick Page Creation

When making a stick page DO NOT copy and paste the ability put on the owner of it, it doesn't make sense. Who is the he or she you are talking about? Confusing right? Make your own idea about the abilities and description of the stick page you are going to make.
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• 6/17/2018

Anime/ Manga Cover

Been watching the anime but curious to check out the manga especially as I heard its still continuing? I'm just curious where does the anime finish and the manga pick up exactly or has the anime not covered a lot of bits?

Thank you x
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• 6/15/2018

Chapter 82 - 86 (Spoilers.)

I really love how badly Yatsumura's death affected Aya, it may seem terrible of me, but I feel like it just proves how much Aya cared about her. Literally, she can't/doesn't speak anymore and (I think?) the limits of her stick completely changed because of it. As for this next bit, I'm pretty sure a lot of people have this theory already including myself, but I'm pretty sure that Yatsumura is the reborn Ni, who is (of course) a reborn and has the same time stop ability that she had.
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• 6/14/2018

Notice 2.0

A warning for the whole community, I'm going to be administrator to SeanInco, for his continuous contribution to the wiki; and so he can help me more thoroughly with the editing of certain things. Any question they have will be answered.
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• 6/12/2018

Cards as Emblem

So we have the heart (Aya's emblem), spade (Nijimi's emblem), and diamond (Rina's emblem) who has the last one? The club.
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• 6/8/2018

Advancement of the wikia.

Hello, to all this a warning for all, I have already asked for help in the central community, to find a solution with the template of the "Tabber Magical Girls". Well on the other hand this weekend I will not be busy with the university, so I will continue with the publication of manga volumes. On the other hand soon we will start with the creation of articles dedicated to the chapters of the manga, this has not been implemented in the Spanish wiki because of lack of users, but here there are enough that can help with the creation of these articles, I will create the first article of chapter 1 of the manga, and you will say that you prefer to add, change or delete. In other things ... create an account, I do not distinguish them all, except those who edit often (Moment of spam, to have more members).

I have left a couple of things to add, any question will be answered. See you tomorrow (I'll be able to edit more quietly)
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• 6/5/2018


maybe i might have missed a part but right before the kayo arc, didn't all the mahou shoujo except for aya die? after the arc they're seen back fighting admins? what happened?
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• 5/26/2018

(SPOILER ALERT) Is Tsuyuno now an admin?

It was shown that Ni, a supposed dead admin, has the ability to stop time, similar to Tsuyuno's. This was shown at Chapter 83.
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• 5/25/2018

Mean Author >: (Spoiler)

He gets you attached to a character and kills them off, I disliked Kayo at first, then I started to like her and she DIED.
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• 5/21/2018

About the manga....

Do you guys know where else to read the manga besides kissmanga and others? Cause it only has 62 chapters, while this Indonesian site has 82 chapters. I think it's the only site where it has that much chapters.
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• 5/19/2018

What happens

Anyone know when the manga is going back to focusing on Aya and them? I like these Kayo chapters but I really want to know what happens after chapter 55.
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This post is locked.
• 5/17/2018

I plan to adopt the wiki, to obtain administrator rights. Consult ever

Hello everyone, I ask you to please participate in this survey, because in this wikia there are no active administrators, I make this query for you to decide if you accept me as administrator or bureaucrat, to be able to order the wikia and that all can find a greater ease of finding information regarding MS Site.

We have a period of one week to vote, this means that on Thursday 24 we will see how the query is. Any questions you have about who is an administrator or bureaucrat, you can contact me and I will gladly talk about your functions in a wikia.
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• 5/17/2018


Late AF but with the black sand surrounding Tsuyuno does it mean Magical Girls become Admins when their lifespan is up?
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• 5/15/2018

What in the world?

So did Alice betray them all or was it apart of a plan to have them all die?
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• 5/3/2018

Locking Kiyoharu's page.

Is there a possibility of locking Kiyoharu's page to prevent all this vandalism?
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